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LibreOffice is a powerful office suite – its clean interface and feature-rich tools help you unleash your creativity and enhance your productivity.
LibreOffice includes several applications that make it the 
most powerful Free and Open Source office suite on the market.

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LibreOffice 6: it stands out from the office suite crowd.

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LibreOffice is one of the friendliest and fastest-growing projects in the free and open source software world.

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LibreOffice is about more than software. It’s about people, culture, creation, sharing and collaboration.

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LibreOffice is Free and Open Source Software. Development is open to new talent and new ideas, and our software is tested and used daily by a large and devoted user community.

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Quick report: LinuxDays and OpenAlt in Czech Republic

Want to help spread the word about LibreOffice, free software and open standards? Attend a local computing event, and tell people about it! Stanislav Horáček writes about some recent events in the Czech Republic… With our LibreOffice booth, Zdeněk Crhonek and I attended the two biggest Czech FOSS events, LinuxDays in Prague and OpenAlt in […]

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Quick report: LibreOffice 6.2 Bug Hunting Session in Ankara, Turkey

Our community is working on LibreOffice 6.2, which is due to be released in early February 2019! While developers are adding new features, other community members are helping to test them, in the form of Bug Hunting Sessions. You can learn more about these on our Quality Assurance blog, and in the meantime, here’s a […]

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LibreOffice Language Technology – News & Best practices

After releasing Hunspell 1.7 with several improvements, including the fast and better spelling suggestion, I publish the extended version of my presentation at LiboCon, Tirana: LibreOffice Language Technology – News & Best practices. I suggest checking its content especially for members of native language groups. I have listed several ideas, examples and code pointers to … "LibreOffice Language […]

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The Document Foundation als Beispiel für Governance in Open-Source-Projekten (Vortrag an der HTW Dresden 2018)

Mein Vortrag im Rahmen der Ringvorlesung im WS2018 zum Thema "Freie Software und Freies Wissen als Beruf"

The Document Foundation als Beispiel für Governance in Open-Source-Projekten (Vortrag an der HTW Dresden 2018)

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